Face Difficult Things Easier

by Rachel Miller

December 20, 2022

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When you have to face something difficult, how do you make it easier?


  • Dwelling on the pain and difficulty, you are about to face doesn’t make the challenge easier.
    • If it’s negative 12 degrees out, thinking about how cold it is doesn’t make it less cold.
    • Consider the facts: It’s winter. It’s negative 12 degrees. Your hands are numb. You’ll be warm soon. You feel this way every year, and you always survive.
    • It doesn’t make the experience better to think or talk about how uncomfortable it is.

  • Approach difficult things with a detached indifference. Pretend you are completely unfazed by the difficulty or discomfort—it just is what it is, and you do it.

  • Make it a habit by practicing indifference with the small, day-to-day difficult tasks. Consider how less daunting the greater challenges in life would become. Practice approaching all uncomfortable things unflappably. Practice doing the smallest things without comment on the difficulty it entails. Practice the smallest challenges without concern or complaint.

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