Notice the Subtleties

by admin_tcm

February 12, 2021

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Notice when you have that feeling, that urge, for something—something to do or to consume—in order to feel better. When you have that restlessness, that pressing drive for comfort. In the background of your mind, you’ll find, it’s there: a quiet prompting of what you should do, what will be most effective to provide lasting reprieve.

Ask yourself, “When have I felt this way before?”

  • It will be the last thing you feel like doing, but stop for just a moment and notice the subtle familiarity behind the feeling — the drive for comfort. Ask yourself, when have I felt this way before? What was the outcome of past action?

  • Notice the subtle promptings that lie in the background, behind the feelings and desires, of your mind; the quiet inklings of what you need to do—what you need most—not what you feel like doing. The urge to do or to consume will be great, but that subtle, quiet prompting is where it’s at. You might not even notice it unless you stop for a moment to listen, to observe.

  • Instead of reaching for the nearest antidote, the first thing that comes to mind, stop for a moment and consider: When have I felt a similar urge to feel better? What did I do? What was the outcome? What do I need most at this moment? What will provide me the most effective and lasting result? Notice the subtle promptings and choose what will leave you feeling most fulfilled and in control.

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