How to Succeed When You’re Tired

by Rachel Miller

August 10, 2021

Consider, some days you feel needier than others–some days you want more, crave more, feel more. For instance, when you’re tired, following a night of poor sleep; you will find on this particular day you desire more, seek more comfort. You enter the day primed with a feeling of scarcity and pervasive need, and it’s hard to come back from that.

How do you succeed in your goals when you enter the day with a feeling of almost certain failure? How do you win the day when you enter the day already falling short?

When you feel reactive, reflect:

  • You will feel more reactive; this is normal. When you feel an impulse to react to one of those electric drives for comfort or consumption, stop yourself for a moment. Reflect on the normalcy of this sensation (reaction, instinct). Remind yourself this feeling is normal–this is how you usually feel when you’re tired: reactive, needy, wanting. Just because you feel this way doesn’t mean you need to respond.

  • Acknowledge the challenge before you: you’re up for a greater challenge today; you will feel more reactive today. Consider: what will happen if I enter my day with the awareness of my propensity toward comfort; and what if I heed the challenge before me and continue my day as planned, as I direct—not according to my instincts, but according to my aim?

  • Remember, you cannot achieve your goals when you are focused on what you lack, what you don’t have. Consider, what is on the other side of this perspective? Yes, this lack may be real–you are tired, sleep deprived–but what also is true? Focus on what you do have, are doing, can achieve, right now. Acknowledge the challenge before you, and focus on your ability, this moment, to choose the response that will serve you best.

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