One Guaranteed Way to be Happy

by Rachel Miller

December 28, 2021

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Some days–most days–you will face that feeling of want. Of longing for something to make you feel better. To feel a little more happier, to take the edge off, to relax. Some days it can feel like a constant need for sensory entertainment. It can feel like you’re babysitting a child–restless, always wanting, always needing more, and never satisfied. It’s exhausting! How do you appease this child of your senses who constantly needs to be entertained?

Try an Experiment:

  • Notice when those feelings arise: an immediate desire or craving for comfort, for sensory satisfaction, for a substance or thing to make you feel better, more happy, in some way.

  • Recall that the outcome of meeting this desire is temporary. It doesn’t satisfy. Consider: what will ultimately satisfy? What do I really want?

  • Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, choose opposite to what you feel you want right now. The only way to guarantee satisfaction is to only do what you really want to do. To follow your will–not your feelings. To guarantee that you don’t do what you don’t want and that you only do what you ultimately want. So consider: is this what I really want? If not, choose against it. Choose what you ultimately want instead. Consider: what will I want an hour from now?

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