One Trick to Achieving More Easier

by Rachel Miller

August 5, 2022

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Have you ever made a decision and then lost motivation to see it through? Have you ever wanted to make a change, but you just went back to your usual ways? How to make it easier to follow through? How do you make a change permanent?

Try This:

  • Write it down on paper. There’s something odd and magical that happens when we write something down. It’s like it shifts your self-image in some strange way. We start to believe it.

  • Make it specific. The more detailed, the better: “feel happy every day,” “overcome (anxiety/fear of ____ ),” or “save $15,000.” When you make it specific, you prime yourself to identify things that align with that desired outcome. It’s like your subconscious mind goes to work for you: you start seeing things you never noticed before, things stand out to you differently, and you find solutions you never thought of. It’s powerful!

  • Obviously, it’s not simple as that. It requires work. Consistent effort. But these two small factors make such a big difference—see for yourself! What change would make life easier and more enjoyable? What small behaviour change would help you achieve more experiences you want? What habit or routine would make your life easier, happier, more free?

If you know someone with ADHD who would appreciate this, please share!

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