One Way to Make Socializing Better (and Enjoy it!)

by Rachel Miller

May 13, 2022

ABOVE : Brooke Cagle

It doesn’t feel like it, but people influence us whether we like it, choose it, or know it or not. Everything and everyone around us influences us constantly–the negativity, the positivity–it all affects us! But it’s not all out of our hands.


  • You’re going to be influenced by this person, these people, whether you like it or not. So, find the best in that person. Look for what you can appreciate about them. Focus on their best qualities. Consider: what about this person do I admire?

  • Focus on this quality in your interactions with them. See if you can direct the conversation to things that enliven and bring out that person’s best.

  • We can’t always control how often or who we spend time with, but we can always choose to see the best in others. With just a little bit of intention, we can subtly encourage the best in each other to come through. We can leave our social interactions feeling a little more motivated, energized, and better equipped to be our best selves.

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