Exercise: Prepared for Hard Times Ahead

by Rachel Miller

February 25, 2022

ABOVE : Chandri Anggara

When things have been feeling good for a while—if you’ve been feeling good, confident, sure—take this as your sign that challenging times are just around the corner.

This is not to worry, but to use this to practice.


  • Remember benefits come from challenges:
    • Growth, new insights and perspectives—changes that ultimately make you happier.
    • The hard times allow you to enjoy the good times to their fullest.

  • Acknowledge that this is the natural way things go:
    • Yesterday felt good, today may feel more challenging—that’s OK.
    • Whether it feels good or difficult, your response remains the same: focus only on what’s before you, one moment at a time.

  • When you’re in the thick of it, this is the time to step closer. Embrace the challenge.
    • This is the time to delve deeper, not to numb or distract.
    • This is the eye of the storm, and the moment you walk into that storm it gets that much easier—you relax a little—and the sooner it’s gone.
    • The sooner you embrace the challenge, the faster you overcome the hard times, and get to the good times ahead.


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