Exercise: Prevent Disappointment

by Rachel Miller

November 29, 2022

ABOVE : Chandri Anggara

How often are we disappointed by our decisions? We choose something we want, then it doesn’t meet our expectations. Or we want something that we can’t have.


  • Choose only to like and dislike what you can control.
    • If you want something to happen and you can’t guarantee it, choose not to want it. Choose to be OK with it happening or not happening.
    • If you have to depend on someone else or circumstances, choose not to need that to be happy.

  • Choose only to really want things that are in your control:
    • If you want things to stay or happen a certain way, you are depending on circumstances to make you happy.
    • If you can’t guarantee it happening or prevent it from happening, practice choosing not to care.

  • Choose to only really care about things that are 100% in your control.
    • Care about a product, and you are dependent on the manufacturer or someone else for happiness.
    • Care about something in your control, and you have control over your happiness.

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