Exercise: Prevent Self-Sabotage

by Rachel Miller

December 2, 2022


When things are going well, it’s easy to feel confident, to feel good. When you feel like you have an abundance of energy, and time, it’s easy to take that for granted.


  • When things are easiest: be more cautious.

  • When you feel good like things are going well, this is when you are more likely to sabotage yourself:
    • Be aware you feel like you have “extra” time to do something. Take extra caution around planning.
    • Pay attention to when you feel proud like you’re “doing good”: You are more likely to relax, go easy on yourself, and take your eyes off the road.

  • Use this time of progress and feeling good to hone in on what’s been working:
    • Keep doing what got you to where you are now.
    • Keep the intensity and don’t let up. Don’t back down.
    • Use this energy to your advantage, and keep your eyes on the horizon. Keep focused on your plan.


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