Prevent Emotional Eating

by Rachel Miller

December 17, 2021

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When you’re exhausted after a long day, often all you want to do when you get home is to turn your brain off and feel better.

You sense an urgent need for comfort. You get home and the first thing you want is to reach for that tried and true comforting thing: the TV, the couch, the drink, the food. When you do, it’s like you get swept into a vortex of comfort and need more and more to feel better. Next thing you know, you feel you lost control. How do you prevent this?


  • Recognize that this feeling is normal. Expected. You are exhausted. Acknowledge that you have a greater challenge before you today. Your mental and physical fatigue is real. You will feel an urgent need to feel better. This is normal.

  • Make things easier on yourself. If you endure pain, challenge, and difficulty, for 8 hours of your day, you can’t expect to have that same vigour to face the challenges when you get home. You can’t expect yourself to succeed on willpower alone. Now is the time to go easier on yourself, not harder.

  • Lower the demands you place on yourself. Re-evaluate what you’re doing and why. You may need to re-adjust your plans and tasks:
    • Is this thing necessary?
    • Is there another way? Is there an easier way?
    • Conserve your energy. Focus on the bare essentials.

  • Prioritize your needs. You will be tempted to rush around frivolously to try to meet your needs in the most immediate and easiest way. Pause, take a moment, and ask yourself:
    • What do I need most this moment? Is it rest? Is it a moment of quietness to yourself? Nourishment?
    • Take a moment to determine what you most need so you can meet that need effectively. Generously give yourself what will fullfill you, fully satisfy you, and sustain you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, was that just for me?! 😉
    Thank you for that reminder!

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