Prevent the Rabbit-Hole of Distraction

by Rachel Miller

September 20, 2022

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When you have an interesting idea or something pop into your mind, you immediately feel like following that thought path, Googling it, or looking more into it. It’s instinctive. How do you prevent yourself from getting pulled away from the important things and sucked into a vortex of “interesting” things?


  • Listen to yourself. Notice those ideas arise of things you want to read more about, look up and learn about. Notice that quiet thought what you should be doing.

  • Pause. Write them down. Make a list of present interests to consider later, or look up later.

  • Tell yourself when you can look into that thing:
    • After you finish ______.
    • “At 4:30pm.”

  • Use these interests as incentives to get the most important work done first, before you get to do those other things.
    • Many times these more interesting things are seemingly productive tasks that just aren’t that important right now.
    • Use these more desired tasks–these things you want to do–as a reward. Do what is most important first, then allow yourself to indulge your interests and follow that rabbit hole wherever you want to go!


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