Prioritize Your Desires

by Rachel Miller

February 1, 2022

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Sometimes you want several different things, but you can’t have them all. You can’t do them all. They cost too much time, energy, attention–or the consequences aren’t worth it. Consider: you don’t need to want everything. Eliminate the costly desires and choose what you ideally want instead!

Try an experiment:

  • Look at all the things on your mind. All the things you want to do, have, and experience. Determine what is most convenient to want.

  • Eliminate what you wish you didn’t want. What is inconvenient to want right now? Consider, you only want this thing because it’s been on your mind: you’ve been reading, watching, or thinking about it–or maybe you’re just bored! Whatever the reason, it’s been on your mind and you only want this thing because you’ve been dwelling on it.

  • Choose an alternate desire instead. Choose what you wish you wanted instead. What would be most ideal? What would serve your best interests? Spend time thinking about that thing. Consider the rewards, the benefits to gain. The more time you spend reading, thinking, and engaging in related content, your desire will naturally grow. Next thing you know, old desired have waned and you genuinely want this new desire instead.

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