Rebel Consciously, Purposefully

by Rachel Miller

April 30, 2021

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If you want something that you don’t want to want, and you still want it anyway. If you’ve tried to deter yourself, and it’s one of those times you know you’re going to do it anyway, make a choice, and do it deliberately. Rebel consciously. If it goes against your better judgment, then do it with intention. Make it worthwhile. Rebel with the aim to learn something.

When you act impulsively, you miss out. You act before having a chance to really think, and as a result, you gain nothing in return. When you act consciously, you are aware, you remember, you cement to memory the details of how you felt and whether it was worth it or not. You gain something in return. You set yourself up to choose the better choice–the choice you ultimately want–next time.

Make an experiment out of it:

  • Commit fully to your decision. Immerse yourself completely in the moment. Act consciously.
  • Observe, intently, your actions and their results. Notice how you feel. Notice the reward–is it worth it? Disappointing? Be open to being wrong and curious to learn. 
  • Commit to memory the details and outcome. Note any interesting insights. Use this data to inform future decisions. 


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