Respond Effectively to Stress

by Rachel Miller

May 28, 2021

Notice when you have that feeling of urgency, the low-level, low-lying stress, that sense of not-enough-time and overwhelm of what you need to do, what is before you. Recognize the familiarity of the feeling and stop.

Choose the most effective response:

  • Ask yourself: What do I need most this moment? What do I need most this moment–not the things around me, tasks required of me, but what do I need?
  • Remember, you are in the driver’s seat. You direct the thoughts and feelings of your mind. You take precedence. If you are “off,” so will the things around you be, as well.
  • Prioritize your needs. Take a moment to do what you need most to feel settled, secure, and in control, then continue with the tasks before you. Remember, do what is important first, not urgent. 

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