Respond to Impulse How You Want

by Rachel Miller

May 6, 2022

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When you have that strong impulse for something to comfort you, to aid in relaxing you in some way—to turn your mind off–it can feel almost impossible to resist.


  • The impulse itself is not the problem. Just the signal. Notice it and wonder—why? Why do I feel this way? Why do I want this thing? Why do I want comfort? What do I really need?

  • It’s not about avoiding, restraining, or resisting this thing that you want, but rather, acknowledging the real need and responding in a way that you want to respond: in a way that you’re proud of and leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

  • When you have a strong impulse to consume or do something to relax in some way, try this:
    • Instead of asking, “should I” or “shouldn’t I?” Consider thinking, “Interesting! Why do I feel this way?”
    • Notice your energy needs: mental and physical. Are you tired? Need a mental break? Need comfort? To relax?
    • Provide yourself with what you need in the most effective way. Meet that need at its core. Consider, it’s not really about the thing itself, but your thoughts and intention around it. Why do you want this thing? Use that to guide your decision.
    • Provide yourself solace in a way that will fully satisfy. Affirm your intention, set a plan, and then follow through.


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