Slow, Progressive Load

by Rachel Miller

September 10, 2021

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Evolving means growing, stretching. It means discomfort, change. It means not doing the same thing over and over again. It means moving beyond what feels comfortable. The constant pursuit of more.

It’s hard because just as soon as you get comfortable, you volunteer discomfort again. Just as soon as you start to feel competent, you must increase the challenge. You’re back at square one, or so it feels. “Will it ever end?” No, so long as you choose to progress beyond what comes easy and natural—so long as you choose to continue to grow.

It will be uncomfortable from time to time–to choose to grow. Every day, at one point or another, you will be challenged. You will be required to endure something uncomfortable, to stretch beyond comfort. But you will grow to adapt to whatever stimulus you place on yourself. It’s like any other type of training—like physical training–slow, progressive load repeated over time, until you adapt, increase the load, and the process continues.

Remember, slow, small changes yield lasting results:

  • Tweak one small part of your routine in a way that will better support you to to meet a desired goal.
  • Once it becomes automatic and feels second nature, requiring little effort to maintain, add one more small change to that routine.
  • Keep progressing, adapting, and tweaking your behaviour and routine to move in line with your goals. To create your ideal normal.
  • Remember, the smallest changes–the changes that are so small you barely notice them—make the biggest difference. The sneaky, small changes that you don’t even think about, and go unnoticed, add up over time. Use them to your advantage! Sneak in the small changes that will lead to desirable results. It won’t feel like much–good! Make it easy. Trick yourself into change.

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