Stop Negative Self-Talk

by Rachel Miller

February 22, 2022

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Some days the negative thoughts are more pervasive than others. Some weeks feel this way. It’s like a constant badgering of your mind, a constant belittling of yourself.


  • Where have your thoughts been lately? What have you been thinking about?
    • Have you been judging yourself? More critical with yourself?
    • Have you been focusing on your faults and challenges rather than the small wins and progress?

  • What you focus on you will see and experience.
    • Whatever you focus on, you will subconsciously find evidence to confirm that reality.
    • It’s your attention that holds the power, not the negative thoughts.

  • Those negative voices will always be there, lingering in the back of your mind, whether you pay attention to them or not. And that’s the thing: They need you to pay attention to them. They’re powerless without your attention.
    • You may not be able to control when those negative thoughts arise, but you can always choose your focus.
    • Focus on the other side of the reality, instead.

  • Use your focus to your advantage.
    • Focus on what else is true, instead. Focus on the best possibilities.
    • Focus on the other thoughts that linger in the back of your mind: the small thoughts that you are worthy. You are capable. You can do it.
    • Choose to focus on what serves you, what encourages you, what strengthens you.

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