The Key to Staying Happy

by Rachel Miller

July 19, 2022

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Happiness can sometimes feel like something you need to hold on to and not lose. You’re feeling good, and you don’t want it to change.


  • Happiness is not something you have or don’t have, feel or don’t feel. It’s more like a desired aim. A target that you repeatedly recalibrate your thoughts and actions towards throughout the day.

  • Happiness is not about being happy all the time, but paying close attention to those subtle changes in thoughts and sensations, noticing the shift of energy in your body, that restless ease and pressured feeling so you can quickly return to a state of calm whenever you veer off course. It’s not about staying happy but continually course-correcting back to happiness throughout the day. The sooner you can identify when you drift off course, the sooner you can feel calm again and the happier you are.

  • Happiness is not about maintaining perfection but mastering the corrective actions to get you back to feeling happy again. It’s not about being completely free from annoyances and frustrations but learning to quickly identify when you get distracted by unwanted emotions and focusing on what you can control: your thoughts, your perspective, what’s important to you, and your choice of action. The only way to secure happiness is to ensure your focus and desire are only on what is in your power to control.


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