The Power of Being Human

by Rachel Miller

July 26, 2022

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“I’m only human.” That’s what we say when we mess up. I’m only human. We aren’t perfect. But what if we looked at it another way?


  • Being human is a strength. Consider what human qualities we possess that set us apart from the creatures around us:
    • The ability to choose our response, not just react
    • The ability to reflect on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour
    • The ability to choose our values and change our desires
    • The power to make decisions that align with our best interests

  • We have immense power as humans—the power of mind and perception. The power to create and re-create out of destruction and any material handed to us: “good” or “bad.” We need only to enact our will to make the best use of it.

  • Next time you think, “but I’m only human,” consider the other qualities that make you human. The strengths. The abilities and resources that are uniquely yours to use at any time you wish. Reflect on the best that is possible being human, and you will find it.

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