Experience Your Body Differently

by Rachel Miller

August 20, 2021

Consider: you inhabit this body, oversee this mind. It’s like your computer, of sorts–your sense-organ–for you to move through, experience the environment through.

This being is yours alone to direct, protect, and train. It’s your responsibility to oversee. And it’s not so burdensome. It’s kind of fun, actually. You don’t have a manual. You’re not expected to know everything. You don’t need to be perfect. It’s all experimental—trial and error. That’s why it’s so valuable to observe openly your experiences. To allow yourself to be wrong. To learn. To learn from others.

Everyone is doing this for the first time. Some are more skilled in one area than others, some have more challenges than others, but no one has a manual. No one is perfect. So, go easy on yourself!


  • This is your being; your being is not you, not really–not at your core. Focus on the part of you who commands and directs. The one who observes and instructs your thoughts, instincts, reactions, and feelings. Watch curiously to learn, observe, and experiment with different responses to find what works best. What acheives the best results.
  • Perfection is not the goal. Learning and improving are.
  • Think like a scientist: open to be wrong and eager to learn from the result.

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