The Truth About Desire

by Rachel Miller

December 24, 2021

ABOVE :Birgith Roosipuu

When you give yourself what you want, it feels like you’re fulfilling your desire. In the moment, it feels like this will satisfy. What’s interesting is, you always want more. More of that thing, or something else. The feeling of desire cannot be satisfied.


  • When you fulfill a desire, you will want more. Every time. This is normal. Expect it. You will always want more. Just because you feel this way doesn’t mean you need to respond.
  • Feelings are fleeting and so is desire. Wait 10-15 minutes and the intensity of desire will pass.
  • This feeling of want is normal. You want this thing because it’s a quick dose of dopamine. It feels good–temporarily. And so is desire temporary. The discomfort of want is temporary.
  • Keep focused forward. Ride the wave of discomfort and let it pass. Focus on the desires of your future self.


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