The Truth About Happiness

by Rachel Miller

June 28, 2022

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It’s a funny thing, trying to make ourselves happy. Have you ever noticed that when you come up with an idea that would be fun, enjoyable, or make your life better, you never feel like doing it in the moment?


  • Happiness isn’t about feeling good. Feeling good comes second. Feeling good is a by-product of what you do to create happiness.

  • Creating happiness is hard. It sucks. It’s usually the last thing you feel like doing in the moment. Remind yourself that this is how it always feels–every time:
    • The beginning is the hardest part. The first quarter of any effort is treacherous. You won’t feel like it. You will feel incapable. It will hurt and you won’t like it. And it always, always feels this way.
    • Keep moving in the direction you want, one very small step at a time. Whatever you can manage. Just keep going. Momentum builds and it will feel good eventually.
    • Creating happiness sucks 95% of the time. That’s the truth. It’s going to suck 95% of the time. It’s not going to be fun. You’re not going to feel like it most of the time. But the good news? The 5% is so, so worth it! Those small moments of bliss are exceedingly worth the effort, and you never regret a single ounce of discomfort it takes to get you there.

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