Overcome Your Mind

by Rachel Miller

March 5, 2021

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You won’t feel elated 100% of the time. You won’t feel good every hour of every day. But you can choose to feel good every day.

This feels like a bold statement. It feels wrong, over-optimistic, fluffy—“positive thinking.” But, it’s true. Sure, some good days might come as a result of positive thinking. But other days—days like today—it will require something more: a warrior mindset, an aggressive stand, a fervent resolve to settle for nothing less than what you want–to feel good. 

It might not necessarily be a victorious day—you may not have the rewards to show for it—but, it will be something equally monumental: one more notch in the record, one more day for the archives to remind you of your strength and ability to overcome whatever is set before you. Especially, your mind.

Cultivate, through action, a way to feel good:

  • Resist the allure, the ease, the off-the-hook appeal of an “off” day. Find that fierce determination within you—that stubbornness—and employ it.
  • Lose yourself in action: start with that one thing you least feel like doing. Do that thing. Then the next thing you least feel like doing, do that. 
  • Chip away, one small action at a time, and eventually, you’ll feel it: the lightness will come through. You won’t feel it immediately, but keep going, and you will: a feeling of success, of overcoming the low. You finally feel it, a sense of ease, and you created it. 

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