Turn a Bad Day Around (Anytime You Want)

by Rachel Miller

November 12, 2021

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When you have one of those days where you feel low, irritable, and annoyed and there’s nothing you can do about it. Where it feels like you’re stuck in the sinking sand of stubborn emotions or desire. Where it feels like you can’t get out, you can’t change the state you’re in. You can feel stuck–what’s wrong with me? It’s frustrating!

It’s easy to accept the present circumstances for what they are. To accept this as just another “bad” day. And it will be easier to do so. To do what feels good in the moment. This will be your natural inclination.

But, know this: you can turn your day around. You can stop the downward spiral—the what-the-heck-the-day-is-ruined-anyway mentality. You can completely change the trajectory of your day at any time you desire. It’s never too late.


  • What kind of day do you want ideally? What kind of feelings, experiences do you want right now? What kind of experience do you want to want? What will you want later on today? Tonight?

  • What is most important right now? Is it this thing, this situation? Is this worth your energy and attention? Is it worth sacrificing your day for?

  • Choose what you want to experience, identify the action that will achieve it, and then follow though. You will not feel like doing it. You will face what feels like a tsunami of resistance. You will want to sit in the oddly gratifying discomfort of your present state of mind. But, try it anyway as an experiment. It will feel awkward. It will feel unnatural. But the good news is this: feeling follows action. Act in line with your ideal desire and the feeling will follow.

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