Make Changes That Last

by Rachel Miller

January 3, 2023

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When you take on a new habit or routine, it always feels like an exciting challenge in the beginning. Then, reality sets in. The day-to-day effort feels more taxing, and the motivation wanes. You don’t feel like it anymore. How do you make it easier to consistently follow through?


  • Choose a predictable time:
    • Ask yourself: When is it most convenient for me to do this? What time, day, and circumstance is easiest to consistently follow through? Choose a time and a place with no interruptions.
    • Verbalize the plan to yourself or write it down: “every Monday, I call my Grandmother on my way home from work.”

  • Create a predictable routine:
    • Create a ritual of actions around the new change that you repeat.
    • For reading, choose one or two things to do immediately before you read each day, so that you first do X, Y and then read. For example, eat breakfast, make tea, then read.

  • Schedule it before a desired, much-anticipated activity:
    • Do it right before something that you look forward to each day–like your morning coffee or afternoon snack.
    • Verbalize or write down the plan for yourself: “Every day after work I do _______, then have my snack.”

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