Use Your Body As Your Sign

by Rachel Miller

January 17, 2023

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You know how they say “listen to your body” to know when you need rest? Here’s another way you can use your body as a signal and prevent stress from interfering with your work and day.


  • Pay attention to the little things you do when you’re stressed:
    • Tensing your body.
    • Small, repetitive movements like fidgeting or picking away at something.

  • Use these as signs of tension to look out for throughout the day.
    • When you’re working on a task and notice these signals, stop and pause for a moment.
    • Ask yourself: What am I doing right now? What am I thinking about? Am I trying to force something to happen?

  • Use these signals to cue you to stop, step away, and do what you need before continuing on.
    • Determine what you need to complete it calmly and effectively: If it’s not working, try things differently; step away and try again later.
    • Reapproach the task and situation when you can do so with clarity and calmness of mind.

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