When Distraction is Strong: How to Focus

by Rachel Miller

June 3, 2022

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Some days, distraction is strong. Some days it feels like there’s nothing we can do to stop it. We keep getting sucked into those same usual things that grab our attention so easily: food, entertainment, media. It feels like we’re caught in a vortex and we can’t get out.


  • With boredom comes mischief. It’s not a lack of attention you struggle with, but a lack of intention with meaningful things. You’re bored! Forget about focus and think about occupying your mind more meaningfully. Deepen your engagement in the task before you, in your projects and commitments. Think: how much deeper can you go?

  • Focus on the details. Find one thing you can enjoy. Get lost in it. Create your own vortex of sorts. It’s not about avoiding distraction but actively engaging in something more interesting. Focus on the aspects of that thing you enjoy. When you’re occupied fully in something interesting, you’ll find the rest of those thoughts and distractions fade away.

  • When you’re particularly distracted, use this as your cue to delve deeper into the details. Find something in the details to enjoy. Maybe the task itself is mundane, but there’s always something small you can appreciate. Find it. Even if it’s simply the reward and satisfaction of a job well done, crafted well, to your standard of liking.

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