When Distraction is Strong: How to Focus

by Rachel Miller

June 3, 2022

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Some days, distraction is strong. Some days it feels like there’s nothing we can do to stop it. We keep getting sucked into those same usual things that grab our attention so easily: food, entertainment, media. It feels like we’re caught in a vortex, and we can’t get out.


  • It’s not a lack of attention you’re struggling with, but a lack of intention with meaningful things.
    • You’re bored! With boredom comes mischief.
    • Forget about trying to focus and think about occupying your mind more meaningfully.
      • Deepen your engagement in the task before you, in your present projects and priorities.
      • Think: how much deeper can you go?

  • Focus on the details.
    • Find one thing you can enjoy. Get lost in it. Create your own vortex of sorts.
    • Interest follows attention. Focus on the aspects of that thing you enjoy, and you will naturally find it easier to focus on that task.

  • When you are tempted to look up different things or work on non-essential tasks, use this as your cue to delve deeper into the details of your priority task. Even if the task itself is mundane, there’s always something small you can appreciate. Find it. Even if it’s simply the satisfaction of a job done well to your standard of liking. Make yourself proud.


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