When Everything Feels Hard

by Rachel Miller

February 15, 2022

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Some days it’s more of a mental battle. You feel weak, low energy, like something is wrong with you. You’re not performing as you usually do. Everything feels heavier, harder than usual, with no explanation why.


  • Remind yourself how you’ve felt this way before–many times before. This it just how it feels sometimes. Think back:
    • Remember that one other time where you felt this way and went on to surprise yourself and do more than you felt capable?
    • Make this one of those times. See what happens—be intrigued by the challenge!

  • The mental battle means nothing to your ability.
    • Don’t indulge in the whining, worries, and doubts. They mean nothing!
    • The worries and doubts will always be there whether you are succeeding effortlessly or not. The only difference is right now you are paying closer attention to them.

  • Smile at the sheer agony of the challenge before you.
    • This is a mental grind. It absolutely sucks. It’s hard, and it’s part of the game! It’s part of the gritty journey to becoming better.
    • Today may not be the day for feats of greatness by other’s standards, but pressing on through this negativity is something far greater than any reward or applause can provide.

  • Use this challenge to prove to yourself once more that feelings don’t matter.
    • Remind yourself, through action, that it doesn’t matter what you feel, it only matters what you do–and you can always do something, no matter how small.
    • Use this as evidence to yourself of your ability to overcome your mind, so next time, when you feel this way again, you are better equipped, stronger and confident to face the challenge before you.

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