Ensure Happiness with Your Decisions

by Rachel Miller

June 4, 2021

When faced with a decision or choice, stop and ask yourself: what do you feel like doing? Consider: do the opposite. Do what feels hard. Do what everything in you desires otherwise. 

When you do what you least feel like doing, you’re happier. You focus on the outcome and not on the immediate reward. You move in line with your goals, with what you really want for your life—those things you desire most. 

It’s easier to do than you make up in your mind. In the moment of decision, everything in you panics, screams, and has a tantrum; but the moment you choose—definitively choose—the discomfort, the anguish of indecision fades away. It’s not that hard anymore. What was the fuss about?

Create a systematic response:

  • Notice the immediate or pressing desire towards something, especially something that results in immediate comfort. 
  • Ask yourself, what do I least feel like doing this moment? Then, choose to do that thing. 
  • Notice the internal protests, excuses, and discord that arise, and remind yourself that this is normal; this is an expected reaction—this is how you usually feel in these circumstances.
  • Definitively act. Be curious and open to see what happens and to learn from the results.  


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