When in Doubt, Play

by Rachel Miller

July 27, 2021

When did we stop playing? It’s the most effective way to detach, forget about winning, and learn. To laugh with missteps, roll with the ups and downs, make enjoyable whatever we are doing. 

Play is not just for kids. All the more, it’s for adults. To step away from our preconceptions of what is appropriate and not; to let go a little—to try things differently, in different ways. To not worry so much about the consequences, to not care about looking stupid. To take risks to discover what’s possible. To act without overthinking. To act on instinct—a pure instinct—to have fun and learn.

We aren’t going to indefinitely mess things up for ourselves by taking a risk here and there or by breaking free from our routine from time to time. Risks, adventures, experiments—that’s the fun part. When you aim for perfection all the time, you forget that the biggest rewards are found in the unknowns you discover along the way. 

The easiest way to overcome whatever it is that holds you back is to play:

  • Let go a little of your usual routine, your usual way. Try things differently.
  • Make it an experiment and have fun. Remember, it’s not for winning; it’s not some competitive feat or proving grounds—it’s just play.

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