When The Negative Voices Are Constant

by Rachel Miller

November 15, 2022


Some days it seems like the negative voices are non-stop. You can’t do anything right. You’re hyper-critical with yourself. Every small thing you do is not good enough.


  • What you focus on, you will see more of. Every negative thought you focus on snowballs to the next and the next.

  • Pay attention as soon as a negative or critical thought arises. Notice what you think and say to yourself.

  • Keep track and note how often these thoughts arise.
    • Keep a small piece of paper in your pocket and make a tick mark each time a negative thought arises.
    • Then, as soon as that thought arises, remind yourself what also is true:
      • “It feels hard right now, but you can make it through this hour.”
      • “Feeling this way now just means tomorrow will feel a little easier. Keep pressing on.”
      • “You’ve felt this way before, and you’ll feel this way again. It means nothing to your ability—it’s just a feeling and it always passes.” 

  • What you pay attention to, you can change. The sooner you notice those thoughts, the sooner you can shift them, and the sooner the other thoughts will grow. It won’t be immediate, but keep shifting your attention to the other side of what is true, and the negative voices will quiet down.


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