When to be Impulsive

by Rachel Miller

April 26, 2022

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There are times to be cautious and to think carefully, and then there are times to be impulsive. There are good reasons to hesitate and weigh the consequences of a decision before acting, but sometimes our discomfort holds us back. We know what we want to do, and we know that the only reason why we aren’t doing it is because of the possibility of rejection, failure, or fear. So, we overthink and hesitate.

When to be impulsive:

  • A decision or action that could result in rejection or momentary emotional or physical discomfort:
    • An act of generosity
    • Telling someone that you’ve been thinking about them, appreciate them
    • When what you feel is preventing you from doing what you ideally want: when your feelings stand in your way from what you know is best and good for you.

  • Instead of thinking of impulsivity as a “bad” thing, use it to your advantage! Consider it like jumping in the deep end. It’s playful, fun. Overthinking is unhelpful when it involves facing something that could cause us emotional or physical discomfort. When you know the best decision, act immediately! Impulsivity is good when it involves doing the uncomfortable thing.

If you know someone with ADHD who could benefit from this, please share! You can also check out more thinking tools for ADHD here.


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