When You Don’t Want to Feel Better

by Rachel Miller

December 13, 2022

ABOVE : Taylen Lundequam

Some days it’s not about feeling good, but resisting the urge to not feel good. You’re feeling down or you want to wallow in your feelings.


  • Resist the allure of wallowing in your feelings. Find that fierce determination within you—that stubbornness—and use it.
  • It doesn’t matter how strongly you tell yourself you don’t care. The power to see things differently is yours any time you choose.
  • Deliberately choose. Remind yourself that you will absolutely not want to feel better–and this is normal. Then deliberately choose, because you can.
  • Take the first step by doing what you least feel like doing, the opposite of what you feel. Then take the next step. Through action, you won’t have to try; you will start to feel better naturally.


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