How to be Happy to Give (Always)

by Rachel Miller

October 26, 2021

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It’s true what they say: the more you give, you still gain in return somehow. The supply never seems to run out—the joy, time, resources, things. It’s only when you fear lack, it’s only when you fear not having enough, that you are unhappy.

Notice: Are you giving reluctantly? Are you hesitant to give more?


  • What is important to me? What aligns true to my values? What is most important, right now?

  • Am I doubting the good that exists in others? Am I fearing I’ll miss out? Run out? When you give trustingly, believing in the best of humanity—and not the worst—you find more and more examples, evidence shown, that the best still exists. Good still exists. You find more reasons to give the best of your abilities, your time, your effort. It’s worth it. You always seem to gain more in return.

  • Notice where your focus lies: are you focusing on the potential loss rather than the potential gain? Are you fearing loss? The worry, the discontent, only arises when you fear you’ll run out. When you fear there’s not enough to go around, not enough to give. Consider: there is more than enough to give this moment.

  • When you give fearlessly and generously, you demonstrate abundance to yourself. You perpetuate abundance for others and yourself. You prime your mind to receive more in return. It’s an endless cycle of giving and receiving and it never runs out. It’s true what they say: the more genuninely and generously you give, the more you receive in return. Try it as an experiment and see what results.

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