When You Feel Apprehensive About Your Day

by Rachel Miller

March 8, 2022

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When you wake up feeling apprehensive, and you don’t know why. When you look ahead to your day and think, “it’s going to be a bad day,” it’s an odd and unsettling feeling. The day hasn’t even started, and you are already dreading it! How do you turn your thoughts around?

Try this:

  • Look ahead to the demands before you. What are you dreading? Consider the tasks and responsibilities. What are you lamenting?

    • Yes, you have this appointment, that deadline, but what else is true? What small opportunity lays hidden here for you?
    • What are you telling yourself you have to do? Reframe these obligations in your mind. Think, what do you get to do instead? “I get to do X, Y, Z.”
    • What do you gain as a result of your efforts today? Instead of focusing on the challenge that awaits you, focus on the profit, the reward—however small that may be.

  • Never forget: Feeling follows action. Do what will create the outcome you want and the better feelings will follow through. They always do.

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