When You Feel Discontent and You Don’t Know Why

by Rachel Miller

November 19, 2021

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When you have that feeling that there is something lacking–like there’s something you need, but you’re not sure what. When no matter what you do, you still feel that tense, uneasy sensation lying beneath the surface. Pause for a moment.


  • What is one great thing that is happening in my life, right now? What is one thing I am so grateful and fortunate to consider a part of my life?

  • The grass isn’t greener some other place than here. The discontent you feel is not in circumstance, but your mind–and that’s a good thing! Your mind is in your control. Focus on what is true, what is real. Focus on what good exists right now. No change will fully resolve the discontent you feel. But what you focus on will always change how you feel.

  • What few things most fulfill, nourish, and enrich your being? What people, what opportunities allow you be who you are and do the things that you most enjoy? Focus on these things for a while. Conjure in your being the awesome realization of knowing you have these exceptionally valuable things in your life. There’s no place like the present, when the present is already filled with things that allow you to live fulfilled and free.


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  1. Edith Jamieson says:

    Yes! Thank you for those encouraging words of wisdom.

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