When You Feel Inferior

by Rachel Miller

May 31, 2022

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Sometimes, our minds get the best of us. We get sucked into a mental state of inferiority, and the negative voices take over. Sometimes we don’t feel strong enough to overcome them. Everything feels overwhelming. We don’t feel worthy. We just want to stay in bed.


  • Right now is when it’s most essential to show up.
    • When all you want to do is stay in bed. When you don’t feel your best. When you don’t feel confident to attend to that task or social engagement.
    • Go anyway because it’s the one thing that you can do. You can’t change how you feel, but you can always show up, no matter how it feels.

  • Yes, you feel down, and yes, you feel less than your best, but showing up, is the only thing that will start to make you feel better again.
    • You won’t feel better immediately. But this is the first step.
    • Keep showing up, especially when you feel this way. Come soon, it will hit you: you feel more energized, hopeful, and a little more confident and sure than before.

  • Everyone feels this way sometimes. It’s not about not feeling this way, but reminding yourself through action that this is just a feeling and it doesn’t hold you back.

  • Especially when you least feel worthy, show up to that social commitment.
    • Allow the energy of those around you to affect you. Get around those who might be the last people you want to see right now. Yes, you feel awful; you feel low. You feel less than your best. OK, focus on what you can do: maintain your commitment. Forget what you look or feel like. Decide to bring your best intention, not presentation, to the table. Decide you will get the best from this situation, and you will.
    • Don’t underestimate the power of environment, of people, of mere movement or change in scenery. Sometimes showing up just means allowing others’ energy to help you feel better, to allow others’ influence to give you the encouragement you need to help you move one step further in the direction you desire.
    • Show up to that engagement, that task, those people. Decide that this is the best decision you can make right now, and it will be.

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