When You Feel Unappreciated

by Rachel Miller

March 25, 2021

When you feel unappreciated (and irrationally so), when you feel like you need to be cared for (even though you are), recognize that this lack of attention comes not from someone else but yourself.

Give yourself what you need:

  • Prioritize your needs. Meet your needs first, then serve others. 

  • Say “no” and let others do it for you. Relinquish control over tasks and delegate. Just because you’re available doesn’t mean you need to volunteer your time.

  • Remind yourself: You’re not loved based on what you do or don’t do–you are just loved.
    • They don’t care if you do x, y, z—you are the one who is creating that assumption.
    • They love you anyway, regardless of what you do. They know you love them, regardless of what you do for them.

Consider: Can you really give genuinely if you are neglecting your needs at its expense? Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

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