When You Feel Unsatisfied

by Rachel Miller

October 14, 2022

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Sometimes, it’s exhausting trying to make ourselves happy. We make a choice, then we second-guess ourselves, thinking something else will be better. We feel needy and restless as a reult. When you feel like you are never satisfied, how do you make yourself happy?


  • Freedom is not unlimited options, but limiting options. Especially around the things we enjoy: entertainment, treats, and how we spend our free time.

  • At first glance, it seems like you’re holding yourself back from happiness by limiting your options of how and when you will enjoy those things, but it’s the most freeing, energizing, and generous thing you can do for yourself. With fewer decisions to make in the moment, you save your energy to choose what will best satisfy you when you are feeling needy.

  • Create structure around those few things you enjoy, want often, but are not deeply satisfying: your free time, your treats, your entertainment. Create small principles that decide for you in advance how, where and when you enjoy those things.
    • Perhaps you limit certain TV shows or movies to certain days of the week, or you limit certain treats to times of the day, week, or social situations. Whatever structure you choose, make it easy to follow.
    • Limiting where and when we enjoy these things provides greater satisfaction when we do enjoy them and allows us to learn better, different and more effective way to fullfill ourselves.

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