When You Give In to Desire–The Best Way to Respond

by Rachel Miller

January 18, 2022

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Sometimes, you try your best to maintain the progress you’ve made. Sometimes, you are doing “good,” then something draws you in, away from your intended aim: desire.

Sometimes you give in to what you immediately want over what you ultimately want. When this happens, your immediate reaction is often guilt. It’s easy to be hard on yourself, even angry or frustrated with yourself. But what is the most effective response?


  • Guilt is not helpful. It limits you, holds you back. It’s also boring. It’s so predictable–that cycle of blame and guilt and feeling down. It’s exhausting. What’s more interesting is to ask yourself this:

    • What do I feel right now? Is it worth it? Was that choice worth it?
    • Is this how I want to feel? If not, then what does this tell me? What do I actually want?
    • How is it that I got what I longed for, yet now that I have it, I want what I had before? How interesting that I was mislead by my own desire!

  • Focus on your present actions. It doesn’t matter what you feel, it only matters what you do. And what you do now–how you respond, how you act–can, in turn, change how you feel.

  • This is your opportunity to strengthen your “why” so you can respond better next time. Your “why” is your backbone. Your superpower. This is your opportunity to reaffirm what matters most to you. What provides the greatest gain and reward. Why is this important to you? Reaffirm your “why” and enter tomorrow empowered and primed to follow your ultimate desires.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post! I especially liked “Sometimes you give in to what you immediately want over what you ultimately want.”

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