When You Let Yourself Down

by Rachel Miller

July 1, 2022

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Once in a while, you have one of those days—or a series of days—where you feel like you can’t meet your own expectations. You’re disappointed with your efforts. You feel like you’ve let yourself down.


  • Yes, it’s true that you haven’t lived up to your usual standards and you’re not proud of your efforts, but what else is true?

  • Consider all the things that you have been doing. What has been going well? Consider your other efforts, strategies, and successes. What is working? What small decisions have you made that have gone right?

  • Consider the challenges you have been facing: lack of sleep, increased demands at work or home.
    • With challenge comes greater difficulty.
    • Days like this do not mean you’re failing; it just means that you are facing a greater challenge right now. Focus on what you can do instead.

  • Present focus is all that matters.
    • You can’t change yesterday’s choices, and regretting them and focusing on them will only hold you back.
    • Forget how you feel and focus all your attention on your actions now. What you do now will make later and tomorrow easier. Remember, it’s not about perfection but making those small, subtle corrections over and over again to align you in your desired direction. This is one of those corrections now: a shift of focus back to the actions and what you can control this present moment.

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