When You Want To Try Something New

by Rachel Miller

November 11, 2022

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Sometimes a thought or idea crosses your mind that interests you, and then, as you think more about it, you become hesitant. Maybe people will take it the wrong way, you wonder, or you worry about what they will say. You want to do it, but you’re worried about something bad happening.

How do you know if you should move forward or not? How do you know if it’s worth it? Here are two things I’ve found helpful when deciding whether or not to do something I’ve never done before or try something I’ve always been interested in trying, or to share my ideas.


  • If fear of what people think is the only thing standing in your way, do it. Ask yourself:
    • What if I didn’t care about how I looked or if I failed? What would I do?
    • What if I chose not to care about what people will say and think?
    • If no one was around to see, hear, or say anything, what would I do?

  • If you are worried about failing or it not being perfect, do it. If the only think holding you back is worrying it won’t be good enough, do it. Consider:
    • Even if it is up to your standards now, three months down the road, looking back, you’ll probably think it’s not good anymore.
    • Things you once thought were good at the time, you probably look back on and feel embarrassed by now. Your idea of what is “good” changes; it’s not a reason to hold back.

  • If it makes you happy or energizes you, don’t worry if it’s good enough or what people will say. Just this once, choose not to care. Even if you’re unsure, do it anyway, just to see what happens.


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