When You’re Stressed About Money

by Rachel Miller

October 18, 2022

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When the expenses pile up and you feel stressed about your finances, focus on the things you can control.


  • Look at what you spend your money on: what non-essentials, what “essentials” that maybe aren’t that essential. Ask yourself:
    • Do you have to meet that need in that exact form, package, or method?
    • Is there another product, service, or way to meet that need at less cost?
    • What aspects of this thing are most essential? Remind yourself that you can choose what you find essential or not.

  • Look at the non-essentials.
    • Consider that you only want this thing because you’ve been thinking about it, reading about it, and watching it.
    • It only seems important because of the time and attention you’ve been spending on it.

  • Choose to want something else instead.
    • Choose to want only what you really need and can afford.
    • Think of other, more convenient ways to relax, enjoy life, and meet your goals. Get creative.
    • Then watch, read, and spend time thinking about that thing to naturally cultivate the desire for it.


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