How to Succeed Without Willpower

by Rachel Miller

September 17, 2021


How do you succeed in withstanding unhelpful wants and cravings? If what you presently want is not in line with your future desires, willpower won’t work. Not for long.

Willpower is futile. It’s limited in capacity. It’s weak. It’s exhausting! But, the mind, the mind, is alive and energized with ideas and abilities to creatively find ways to meet your needs. You just have to employ it.


  • Whatever it is that’s luring you, step closer. Instead of avoiding, trying not to think about it, examine it closely. Get curious!

  • What is the real need underlying this desire? Ask yourself:
    • What is it that you really want? Leisure? Rest? Ease?
    • What is your subconscious mind telling you that you are neglecting to hear?

  • Sometimes, you don’t know what you need, but then when you pause for a moment and breathe, in the moment of non-thinking, it dawns on you: oh, yes! I’m tired. That’s why I feel this way and want this thing. You realize there’s nothing wrong with you. Your mind is not conspiring against you, trying to sabotage you. This is just your body reaching out, trying to find a way to meet some physiological need.

  • Instead of fighting to resist this desire, this thing, find a way to make this obstacle work for you:
    • Get curious about the intensity of desire. The conflict of interest.
    • If you’re bored. Well, this is your puzzle! Your entertainment made. Your “choose your own adventure” book, but in reality. What will you choose? Have a little fun. Make it fun.


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