Work Better, not Harder

by Rachel Miller

September 14, 2021

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What is the most effective way to work? What is most sustainable? Working longer, more often, doesn’t work. We know this. We feel this. It leads to burnout. Fatigue. Decreased ability to focus. The question is: what will keep you showing up day in and day out? What will consistently enable you to bring your best to the table? What is most effective in the long run?

It’s not working harder, but better. It’s about finding a way to enjoy the process. To have a little fun. To make it a little fun. Fun keeps the momentum going. Fun keeps you showing up for more. Maybe it’s not fun–OK, well, find a way to make it fun. There’s always some small aspect in whatever you’re doing that can be made enjoyable. Sometimes you have to create it yourself.


  • How can I bring more energy of enjoyment to this moment, this task, this thing? Simplify it down. Focus on the small, individual actions. Give yourself the liberty to relax a little. “But I’m too busy right now” — yes, and are you enjoying yourself? Is your life how your want it? Are you relaxed and at ease? There will always be time demands—real constraints—but, there is also independence of mind. Freedom of perspective. Freedom to choose the perspective you want. To find a way to enjoy what you’re doing, in some small way.

  • Fun, enjoyment–ease–it’s all in your state of mind. Consider, what opportunity lies hidden here, in this task, this demand? How can I use this opportunity to relax a little and be at ease?

  • Instead of rushing to squeeze in one more thing, why not gift yourself a little more time in the small moments that arise throughout your day? Why not give yourself time to take your time with what’s before you, so you can be more at ease? Time to rest your mind. Time to rest while you work so you can show up to the next task, the next demand, refreshed, energized, and ready to bring your best of mind and body to the table.

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