Your Opinion is not Necessary

by Rachel Miller

April 3, 2021

Observe your thoughts while engaged in a task. Watch how often thoughts arise, like commentary, analyzing and evaluating the task at hand.

Just notice your thoughts while you drive to work: notice the comments and the assumptions that come into your mind. See if you can’t just observe your surroundings without forming an opinion about something.

Especially notice your thoughts as you attempt a challenging task—like a workout or a technical skill. Again, notice the commentary: the analysis around the degree of work involved, the appraisal of your ability to meet the demand, the conclusions drawn on the outcome. See if you can just let these thoughts pass by. See if you can dismiss them and move on. See if you can do the work without forming an opinion, without anticipating the outcome.

Let your actions draw their own conclusions:

  • How much more calm the mind is—how much more efficient, able—when it’s directed to just do and not have to analyze something. There is a time to think and a time to work. When it’s a time to work, work. Let your actions speak for themselves. Let your actions draw their own conclusions, their own end result.

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